Managed Cloud

Looking for a company that makes "The Cloud" simple?

Managed Virtual Machines (VM) on both private and public infrastructure to give you the simplest access to host your applications. Public cloud operators such as AWS and Azure want you to believe that they are the right choice for your business and Private cloud aka VM hosting is no longer relevant. However, if you look at large enterprises you will see that both have their place and what is right for your business could be both.

Public, Private or a Hybrid of both, we will set it up and manage the underlying technology that is best placed to handle it.

What applications can be run?

Remote working enviroment for your employees to complex web applications handling millons of transactions a day. There really is no limit on what type of application we will provide the infrastructure management service for. We make the infrastructure work for your application and you make the application work for your business!

As part of our keep it simple approach we offer 3 levels of service on the infrastructure you'll need for the application.

We will provide, monitor and manage the right infrastructure solution for your application.


Legacy applications and simple features.

  • Single host VM’s
  • Static IP Address
  • Basic Monitoring 24/7
  • 24x7x365 Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Daily Backups with extended retention


Legacy and more requiring features like.

  • Single and Multi Hosted VM’s
  • Basic Security Polices
  • Multiple IP Addresses
  • Basic Monitoring 24/7
  • OS Patching
  • 24x7x365 Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Advanced Backups with extended retention
  • Basic Customisation


Full featured cloud applications and services

  • Single, Multi and Region Hosted VM’s
  • Advanced Security Policies
  • Advanced Monitoring 24/7 including Pen testing.
  • Advanced OS Patching
  • Multiple Static IP Addresses
  • 24x7x365 Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Failover and HA
  • Advanced Backup Policies and Retention
  • Fully customisable