Managed developers

Fully managed developer teams that deliver for your business

Looking to upgrade your tech offering, develop a product, or need a custom tech solution for your business? We work closely with select partners, and each has a team of dedicated tech nerds that have spent years working with companies on their digitalisation journeys and can deliver the tech you need. Their all-encompassing approach can include strategy, analysis and planning, alongside the implementation and ongoing development using a range of technologies.

Managed Team:

  • Dedicated team of developers
  • Managed by a delivery lead and scrum master
  • Product ownership and project management remain in-house with you

Managed Project:

  • Dedicated team of developers managed by a delivery lead and scrum master
  • Full outsourcing of project ownership, including analysis and planning
  • Dedicated product owner, business analyst and project manager

Couple with our Managed Cloud for a complete unified solution!

Do we have your attention?