Managed Support

There are a lot of IT support companies around, and many are very good at what they do. We use some of them ourselves, and the truth is that good IT support has become a widely available commodity that is unfortunately not enough these days.

IT support started with break-fix and moved to fully managed services; however, what is next?

At asyouneed, we believe that businesses today need more than IT support; they need a Managed Support Partner service! A product centred around building processes, policies and support geared to streamlining your IT operations and interaction with your team.

Processes and policies have been a part of the Enterprise sector for years. With their large budgets and workforce, it has been a necessity. We now live in an era where the requirement of security and compliance and the continual change of technology means that even small businesses must implement this. So at asyouneed, we provide a services product centred on being your Managed Support Partner, and we work on supporting your business from technology-led perspectives.

In the modern world, complex IT reaches all businesses, and you'll need a partner that can help you simply deliver! We even work across Europe for those international businesses that want a one-stop contact for EU and UK teams.

Keep it simple stupid.😉

We love this mindset, hence why we have three packages to choose from, all covering the basics of being a valuable partner to your business and clearly outlining the differences below.


Some of the features are:

  • Guaranteed Response Times
  • Managed Anti-Virus/Malware
  • 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring
  • VIP support rates
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Office 365 Business Premium


Everything in Essential, plus:

  • Monthly visit for online support
  • Bi-Annual Vulnerability Scan / Penetration Test
  • Bi-Annual Simulated Phishing Attack
  • Annual Asset & Inventory Management Report
  • Advanced Asset Tracking


Everything in Complete, plus:

  • Unlimited onsite support
  • After hours support
  • Quarterly Vulnerability Scan / Penetration Test
  • Quarterly Simulated Phishing Attack
  • End User Training Program
  • Office365 Enterprise License

Do we sound like a partner you need?